Don't get stuck in the middle seat!

Don't get stuck in the middle seat!



With Covid-19 being a big part of travel these days, many of us want our breathing space on an airplane journey. In most cases, selecting what seat you sit in is not your choice, especially if you have no visibility on what seats are vacant or occupied. 

This is where the Seat Alerts App comes in handy. 

Unhappy with your seat? Seat Alerts by Expert Flyer.

Seat Alerts is an amazing mobile app that allows you to check real time seat availability of your flight. This works with the majority of airlines worldwide.

When you are flying, you would ideally want to be in a seat with not many other passengers around you. The reason is that if you are found in close contact with a passenger with Covid-19, you would have to quarantine depending on the country you are flying into. (Eg: At the time of this article, Thailand requires 14 days quarantine).

To avoid this situation, we highly recommend to use this app when the majority of passengers have checked in. This will allow you to select a secluded seat, given the flight is not fully occupied. 

The app is super easy to use, it’s free to download and you have complementary access to around 10 searches per day.

Good to Know 〰️ You can sign up with multiple emails for more searches if required.  

The app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store:

Apple store

Google Play store

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