How to book a FREE cancellation flight ticket

How to book a FREE cancellation flight ticket



If you are a digital nomad like us, or do not have exact plans of when you want to leave the country you will be travelling to, a return ticket is not really a priority on your list. 

However, there are cases where you might find yourself in a sticky situation. Such as, staff at the check-in counter might not allow you to board your flight without an outbound ticket. As of March 2022, in the Philippines, the Visa Immigration check-point ask tourists for an outbound ticket from 30 days of their arrival. Without having one present, you could be rejected entry into the country.  

 Free Flight Cancellation. 2022


Rather than spending an unnecessary amount of money on an outbound ticket which you might not use, a great travel hack is to purchase a cancellation ticket. Finding a reasonably priced cancellation ticket can be time consuming, and companies such as Expedia or no longer provide 24 hour cancellations for flight bookings. 

A really useful platform we came across was Edreams Thailand. They offer a few hours to cancel your ticket from the time of your booking. If you access or , they do not offer the cancellation service. So make sure to book through It is also important to note, as you only have a few hours to make the cancellation, book the ticket about an hour before heading to the airport. 

How to book?

Step 1


Free cancellation flight ticket 2022.

Step 2

Search for the cheapest one-way ticket to any country, not that it matters much, as you will receive a full-refund. For example, if you are visiting Thailand, Thailand to Cambodia is a low cost ticket out of the country. Also be sure to filter through different dates for the cheapest rates. 

Free Cancellation Flight Ticket 2022.

Step 3

Once you select the ticket, make sure that you see the “Free Cancellation within XX hours” message on the right hand side. If it is not visible, try to select different dates until it pops up. 

Free cancellation flight ticket 2022

Step 4

Fill in all your personal details and make the booking.

Step 5

Once you have checked-in and shown all you flight ticket documentation, you can easily cancel your booking through the website by selecting manage my booking, modify my trip and cancel my trip. 

And that’s it, within 10 days you will receive a full refund. 

Flight Cancellation for Free. 2022

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