Are You Departing The UK? Where to find the Cheapest RT-PCR Test!

Are You Departing The UK? Where to find the Cheapest RT-PCR Test!



Let's keep this quick and short to the point.

As we all know, PCR tests in the UK can be very expensive, starting from approximately £55, and sometimes reaching up to £295, which is a joke!

Randox Health offers Pre-Departure self PCR tests, FOR ONLY £34.99. Results of the test are sent via email within 24 hours.

The service they provide is called Click and Collect. The steps to purchase are very easy:

  1. Buy the Click and Collect self PCR test kit on their website . There are hundreds of locations across the UK you can collect the kit from. We collected ours from our local newsagent store. 
  2. Collect your PCR test kit from the chosen Randox provider you had selected. All they require is some ID and the barcode that is included within your confirmation email. 
  3. Take your self PCR test, and register all your details through the Randox page.
  4. Drop off your PCR sample into their nearest Randox Drop box.

Randox Self PCR Test Drop Box locations across the UK (United Kingdom)

And that's it. Patiently wait for an email which will include your results. This document can then be used as evidence when flying out of the UK. 

If you found this quick guide useful, please do share it across your social channels and with friends and family. Safe Travels ✈️ 🙂

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