How to get a Thai Driving License in 1 WEEK as a TOURIST! 🚗🇹🇭

How to get a Thai Driving License in 1 WEEK as a TOURIST! 🚗🇹🇭

Did you know that as a TOURIST you can get your driving license in Thailand? and only within 7 days! 


As a beginner, driving can feel intimidating and nerve racking, plus slightly worrying if you spend all your money on lessons and you still fail. Having a reputable and motivational driving school, as well as a great driving instructor is important. 

The driving school I went to is called Safe Drive Chiang Mai . They are honestly a fantastic driving school with great instructors, that helped me learn how to drive in less than a week and assisted me to learn all I needed to know to pass my test.

 Thailand Driving Licence 2022

✅ How to get started? Booking & Costs

Facebook is a big communication platform in Chiang Mai, that many businesses use. Contact the driving school Safe Drive Chiang Mai ❤️ via Facebook, mentioning which driving course you would like to attend. 

You can choose between 2 courses, Standard or Advanced. They currently have a promotion on Facebook with the following costs: 

For classes in English:

〰️ Standard Course (Theory test + 10Hrs Practice + Practical test) 5200Baht / approx. $155

〰️ Advanced Course (Theory test + 20Hrs Practice + Practical test) 9000Baht / approx. $270

Thailand Driving Licence 2022 

✅ What is the process? 

1. Once you have booked your driving course package, you will require to head to the main office and pay the cost upfront. I had gone with the Advanced Course, as I am an absolute beginner with no driving experience, and was keen to learn. 

2. My schedule consisted of the Theory test on the 1st day. The theory is a multiple question test, and you will require to get 45 questions out of 50 correct. The staff will assist you if required, to make sure you fully understand all the questions and answers, in order to pass. 

3. Once you have passed your theory test, you will have 10 hours of practice before your Practical test. Your instructor will help you to learn the crucial things about driving and maintaining a manual or automatic car, such as tyre pressure, dashboard symbols, how to top up the oil, how to replace air filters and more. Not forgetting the most important of all, they will teach you how to drive. 

4. After your 10 hours of lessons, you will have your Practical test at the main facility where you practice to park, reverse, stop and more. The test is approximately 15-30 minutes long. 


✅ What documents are required? 

Once you pass your both your theory and practical tests, you will require to prepare the following documents and head to Land Transportation Office in Chiang Mai to get your physical Driving License 🚗

〰️ Passport (Original + copy)

〰️ Visa page copy (If any)

〰️ Entry Stamp page copy

〰️ Medical Certificate (You can get it from a hospital or medical clinic) Approx 100 Baht ($3)

〰️ Residential Certificate (You can get it from the Immigration Office or Embassy) 40 Baht ($1.20) through the post or 500 Baht ($15) next-day express pick up.

〰️ Driving Test Certificate.

It is open from Monday to Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM and it takes about 30 minutes to receive your physical driving licence. 

 Thailand 2022 Driving Licence.

✅ Welcome to the driving club 

And thats it. You would now have successfully received a driving licence that can potentially be exchanged in your home country. The licence is valid for 2 years, then you will have to renew it. 

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