Top 5 things to do on Coron Island, Philippines 2023

Top 5 things to do on Coron Island, Philippines 2022

If you are heading to The Philippines, Coron Island should be a must visit place on your itinerary. With a vast amount of things to do on Coron Island, most of us are limited by time to travel and experience them all. This travel guide narrows down the list to the 5 best things to do on Coron Island in 2022, to ensure you experience the unmissable gems it withholds. Let’s get started!

1. Barracuda Lake 

Known for its beautiful crystal clear waters, barracuda Lake is a prime hotspot to visit on Coron Island. Many tourists visit the lake during an island hopping tour or as a part of a free diving or scuba diving excursion. It is famed for its limestone cliff that scales in size not only out of the water, but also beneath it. 

The water temperature varies depending how deep you dive. Once you dive deeper than 10 meters, you start to feel the heat, as the water temperatures rise to around 38°C. This is due to the change in freshwater to salt water, crazy right!

If you are lucky, you might come across one harmless barracuda, which was quite shy when it had spotted us. It’s said that only 1 lives in the lake as 2 have never been spotted together. If you are a fan of diving in unique places, then make sure to include Barracuda Lake as a part of your Coron Island itinerary. 

Barracuda Lake, coron philippines

2. Maquinit Hot Springs

Coron Island is a place of nature and within it you can find all sorts of natural places to visit, one of them being Maquinit Hot Springs. Located only a 30 minute scooter or tuk tuk ride from Coron islands main town centre, it is very accessible to reach. Slowly coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic and being one of best things to do on Coron Island, it has seen an increase in tourists in 2022. As always, to beat the crowd, try to visit during the early opening hours. 

If you are comfortable riding a scooter, you can rent one out for approximately 500 PHP (Approx $10) per day. If not, there are many tuk tuks that can take you to Maquinit Hot Springs, wait for you outside and then take you back to the main town centre. The journey roughly costs 400-600 PHP ($8-$10). 

It’s a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy the sunset on Coron Island. Maquinit Hot Springs closes around 8pm and the entrance fee is approximately PHP 100 (Approx $2) per person. 

Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron Philippines

3. Kayangan Lake 

Nature to its finest degree! Kayangan Lake on Coron Island is a mesmerising place to experience in person, which is primarily visited as a part of the Tour A island hoping tour. If you are trying to beat the crowd, a private tour is recommended to take you to the lake early. As the boat glides through the entrance of the lake, you are greeted with beautiful limestone cliffs set either side of you. The place is know for having one of the clearest waters in Palawan and it definitely lives up to its expectation.

We had visited the place on a rainy and sunny day, and a useful tip is to try to plan out your trip to the lake on a sunny day to experience the gem that it really is. Take a dip into the beauty of this lake and experience in person why it is one of the best things to do on Coron Island. 

Kayangan Lake, Coron Philippines

4. Apo Reef 

Apo Reef is known for its underwater beauty, however even though it is located in Coron, it is quite a distance from Coron Islands main town centre. If you are in love with the ocean and are looking for water with meters of visibility, beautiful marine life and out of this world experiences, then Apo Reef should be a part of your Coron Island check list. 

The beautiful reef hosts a diverse marine life from sea turtles, over 350 species of fish, manta rays, reef sharks and more, all in waters with visibility of up to 30m, that’s the size of a 9-story building! To make the most out of the island, it is best to book a tour that will cover an overnight stay close by the reef. The tour usually covers pick up from the hotel, lunch, overnight stay, diving equipment and more. For more info you can contact Siarganon Travel and Tours on Instagram to help you plan out the ultimate trip. 

Coron Philippines 2022

5. Twin Lagoons

If you’re looking for one of the most picturesque places to visit on Coron Island, then you must plan a trip to Twin Lagoon. Part of the Tour B island hopping tour, this is a top site in Coron for swimming and snorkelling. Once your boat docks up, it is around a 15-20 minute swim into the Twin Lagoon.

The two fresh and saltwater lakes can easily be accessed as they are separated by a narrow opening. If the tide is low, you are are able to swim beneath the limestone rocks, just watch out for your head! Alternatively you can use a set of wooden steps to hop from one lagoon to another. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the natural waters, as you are visually struck by a variety shades of blue. 

Coron philippines

    While we are still a part of the Covid-19 era, there are still many requirements to enter Coron Island. But do not worry, we’ve got you covered! For everything related to how to get to Coron Island, where to stay on Coron Island and the latest Covid-19 requirements, be sure to check out our Ultimate Coron vs El Nido Island travel guide which goes through everything you need to know. 

    Coron Vs El Nido Palawan Philippines

    A quick rundown of the 5 best things to do on Coron Island, Philippines
    Barracuda lake
    Maquinit Hot Springs
    Kayangan Lake
    Apo Reef
    Twin Lagoons
    We hope you found this “best things to do on Coron Island” travel guide useful, hoping to inspire you to travel and plan out your next travel journey. Please do share it across your social channels, with friends and family. 

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