The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Everything You Need To Know!!!

The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Everything You Need To Know

If you’ve ever come across beautiful videos or pictures where people are standing above the clouds, then you have finally found a place where you can visit to gain a similar experience. Early in the morning, The Sea of Clouds, Bohol, is filled up with an overcast layer of clouds sitting across rice terraces and hillsides. In this blog we will explain everything you need to know about visiting The Sea of Clouds, without getting lost on the way (as it is very common to do so). 

3 useful tips when visiting The Sea of Clouds 

  1. Bring a warm jacket and trousers if you are traveling on a scooter. It is very chilly in the early morning, especially as you start riding through the mountainous region of Bohol Island. We regretted wearing shorts!
  1. Top up your vehicle fuel the night before. Remember, Bohol is an Island, and not a big city like Manila or Cebu. So the opening times for petrol stations can be limited! During our +2Hour journey, we did not find any petrol station open. 
  1. The clouds form between 5am-7am, however closer to 7am, most of the clouds will have disappeared. Be sure to be onsite by 5AM.
The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Philippines - Everything You Need To Know

How to get to The Sea Of Clouds Bohol, Philippines

What to expect?

    The journey from Panglao, Bohol Philippines to The Sea of Clouds takes approximately 2 hours by car or scooter, if you don’t get lost like we did. We left our accommodation at 2:45AM and our aim was to reach The Sea of Clouds by 5AM, which is the perfect time to be there in order to experience a formation of thick clouds sitting below you.

    We set out our final destination on Google maps, and we hit the road. Even though the locals usually start of their day quite early, we had hardly seen anyone, as we rode across Bohol Island.

    The journey started of very smooth, with adequate street lights time to time between town to town. We experienced no fog, clear visibility and nice paved roads throughout the first 1 hour and half of our journey. 

    Then things got tricky. 

    The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol, Philippines 2022 - Everything You Need To Know!!!

    Don’t take the local route

      If you set your Google Maps to visit The Sea Of Clouds, it will most likely take you through the local route. We had a scooter and were praying we did not get a punctured tire, as the roads we drove on were extremely rocky. If you have a quad or dirt-bike, it will feel more like an adventure. 

      By planning ahead, you won’t need to struggle like we did. So here’s the exact route to take: 

      Before leaving your accommodation, set 2 stops on Google maps. The first stop is Danao City, Bohol Island and the second stop is The Sea of Clouds, Bohol Island. 

      If you only type in The Sea of Clouds, Google maps will direct you via, Buenavista - Carmen - Danao - Jetafe Road, marked red, on the map below. DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE. The start of the route will be fine, however 10km before reaching The Sea of Clouds, the terrain will turn rocky. You need to make sure you follow the Sagbayan - Danao Road, and this will take you all the way to The Sea of Clouds, via Danao City. 

      The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Everything You Need To Know!!!

      Get there on time!

      As you are making an effort of waking up early and visiting a beautiful less-known tourist spot in Bohol - Philippines,  you would ideally want to get the best from your experience. Reaching The Sea of Clouds by 5am will ensure this. 

      As we took the wrong route (Buenavista - Carmen - Danao - Jetafe Road), which took us through an extremely steep up-hill rocky construction site with a dead end, our time was running out to reach The Sea of Clouds by 5am. We both lost our GPS phone signals, the sun started to rise, and we started to lose hope. After a 2 hours+ night ride, we were tired, our petrol had nearly run out, and at the same time, we were afraid of not being able to reach The Sea of Clouds after a very long journey. 

      Cray came up with an idea of flying our drone out to get a better view of where we were. From above, we could see a nice view of The Sea of Clouds a few mountains away. We decided to go back the way we came from, until we reached a nearby village. It was around 5:20AM and the locals were already walking the streets. Everyone was very welcoming, however due to the language barrier, we could hardly understand each other as we asked for directions. In this part of Bohol the locals did not speak much English, yet, we could somehow communicate with our hand gestures and smiles. With the locals help, we were back on track on a 6KM rocky road, which led us to the main road from Danao City. And there it was! Finally, The Sea of Clouds sign right in front of us!

      The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol, Philippines 2022 - Everything You Need To Know

      Cost of visiting The Sea of Clouds

      The cost of visiting The Sea of Clouds is only 10 Pesos ($0.20cents) per person. You can enter with your scooter or vehicle and park it up at the bottom of the viewing point.

      The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Philippines - Everything You Need To Know

      The Sea of Clouds 

      From the parking area it is only a short 100 meter climb up until you are met with The Sea of Clouds sign. The views from here are mesmerising, even though we turned up about 30 minutes late, the formation of clouds stuck between hills was still amazing to see in person. The breeze of the gentle wind, the smell of fresh air and sounds of nature give you a sense of how beautiful the place really is.

       The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol, Philippines 2022 - Everything You Need To Know!!!

      For a better view, you can continue your hike to the next hill which is a 150 meter slippery downhill and uphill walk. This will draw you closer to the clouds, giving you a better perspective of what you came to see.  

      The Sea Of Clouds, Bohol - Philippines - Everything You Need To Know

      If you have the chance, try to film a time-lapse with your phone, and you can see how quickly the clouds shift across the beautiful region. ❤️

      If you found this quick guide useful, please do share it across your social channels, with friends and family. Safe Travels ✈️ 🙂

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