Bohol, Philippines The Ultimate Travel Guide 2023

Bohol, Philippines The Ultimate Travel Guide 2023

While there are many islands in this world, only a few come close to the beauty of Bohol. With a wide selection of tourist attractions, it’s an island that offers lots to see and experience. If you’ve just come across the island for the first time or are looking into visiting it yourself, you might need some guidance and questions answered.

With any new location, it’s important that you visit a destination with all of the relevant information at hand, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with! In this article, we’re going to provide you with a complete rundown of everything you need to know about traveling to Bohol, Philippines, so when you visit, you won’t waste time researching things last minute. Let’s get started!

Bohol, Philippines Bilar Man-Made Forest

How to get there

Bohol is an island, and there’s no land nearby for roads to be built on, so you can only get to Bohol via a flight, or a ferry.


There are multiple daily flights from Manila that fly into Bohol-Panglao International Airport (Airport code: TAG). Cebu pacific operates around 6 direct flights per day and other airlines such as AirAsia and PAL express operate 3-4 flights daily. The journey roughly takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. As of 2022, there aren’t any operating flights with major airlines to Bohol from Cebu City. You can check out the latest availability and best flight prices using the Skyscanner search engine below. 



Ferries are a cheaper option and they can come with their own experience too. Catching a ferry from Manila to Bohol is not really worth the travel as it can cost the same as a flight ticket and the journey takes 24 hours plus. However, you can save some money by flying into Cebu City first and then taking a ferry to Bohol. As Cebu has a lot to explore, we traveled to Cebu, explored the island and then carried on our journey to Bohol.

So if you’re looking to travel via Cebu, you can catch a Fast Craft Ferry from the port of Cebu to Tagbilaran City Seaport in Bohol which takes around 1 hour 45 minutes and costs PHP 975 (Approx $18). You can cut the travel costs even further by taking a slower ferry called a RoRo, which is a cargo ship designed to carry cars/lorries. The cost is around PHP 480 (Approx $9) and it takes around 4 hours to reach Bohol. Tickets can be easily purchased at the Port of Cebu, terminal 1. The latest ferry schedules can be found here. 

Getting around

One of the best things about visiting Bohol is that it is very easy to get around the entire island. The main mode of transportation is Tuk-Tuks. These are little vehicles that will get you from point A to B fairly quickly, and because the drivers are locals, they can take you to hidden hotspots that aren't visited much by tourists.

If you want maximum flexibility, the best way to roam around the island is with a scooter. We rented a scooter from Calcaben Motorbike rentals , which had cost us PHP 300 (Approx $6) per day for a one week rental. 

Rent a scooter Bohol, Philippines for cheap

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable driving or riding a scooter, you can hire your own private driver for the day to take you anywhere you request on Bohol island. The cost is relatively cheap, you can use the search box below to explore your options, just type in “Bohol Private Car”.

Where to stay 

Staying in an ideal accommodation on Bohol island is not that difficult. Because of the number of available options, it’s easy to find a hotel that tailors to your budget. The key place to stay in Bohol is within the Panglao area. From here it is easy to branch out to different parts of the main island.

Hostels in Bohol, Philippines:

If you love the hostel or homestay vibe, below are a few recommended favorites in Bohol that offer great value for money:

〰️ Moon fools hostel

〰️ Villa 301 BNB

〰️ JMC Residence

Budget Friendly, Affordable Hotels in Bohol, Philippines:

Below are some of the best budget friendly, affordable hotels you can stay at on Bohol island:

〰️ LEUX Hotel

〰️ Hotel Casa Teofista

〰️ Roman Empire Panglao Boutique Resort

〰️ Island World Panglao

    Luxury Hotels in Bohol, Philippines:

    If you want your vacation to be all about experiencing luxury, you should check out one of these luxury hotels on Bohol island:

    〰️ Hennan Resort Alona beach

    〰️ Bohol Beach Club Resort

    〰️ Amorita Resort

    〰️ Bird of Paradise

    〰️ The Bellevue Resort

    〰️ Mithi Resort and Spa

    Mithi Resort and Spa Bohol, Philippines

    Where to eat

    Food is a big part of Filipino culture. There are lots of places you can visit to grab a bite to eat! If you are a fan of local food, on Bohol island there are many carinderias (a food stall with a small seating area, typically in a market or at a roadside) to choose from. This is where you will find freshly cooked local dishes. Below are some of the best Carinderias in Bohol:

    • Andrea’s Mango Resto 
    • Delia’s foodhouse 
    • This place didn't have a name, but it’s located right opposite Royal Palms Dos. They serve super tasty local food that we’d highly recommend.


    If you prefer more of a modern sit down style restaurant, some of the best places to eat in Bohol are listed below, starting with our favourite:

    • La Familia 
    • Kun’s stick and bowl
    • Prawn Farm Restaurant
    • TNTS Boodle Fight & Seafood House
    • Chicken Ati-Atihan
    • Barwoo

    Things to do  

    Bohol isn’t just a place that you can go to enjoy the view and eat great food. Bohol is an adventurer’s paradise, and whether you enjoy riding ATV’s, diving with marine life, or simply relaxing by the beach, Bohol island has it all!

    The island is famous for its legendary chocolate hills that turn brown during the dry season and flourish green during the rainy season. The island is also famous for Tarziers, one of the world’s smallest primates, who are known for their small bodies and large eyes. 

    If you are looking for more things to do in Bohol, we wrote an entire article just dedicated to this, be sure to check it out.


    Staying fit

    Since Bohol island is an outdoorsy paradise, you can easily find options when it comes to maintaining your fitness regime.

    If fitness is a priority, you can visit Power Slim Fitness Gym, Ripped-City Gym, or Kahlua Fitness and make use of the equipment there. We had worked out in Power Slim Fitness Gym, which honestly was one of the best gyms we had been to in the Philippines. The facility is equipped with treadmills, a boxing bag, many chest/leg and back machines. You can definitely squeeze a good workout in throughout your trip to Bohol island.

    Bohol, Philippines — A place for everyone

    There are lots of nice holiday spots all around the world, but only a few tick all the boxes for absolutely everyone. On Bohol Island there are great hotels, beautiful beaches, several food options with amazing dishes to try, and an abundance of activities to experience! No matter what your preferences are, there is something there for everyone!


    We hope you found this quick guide useful, please do share it across your social channels, with friends and family. Follow our Youtube to get a real experience of the places we travel to, hoping to inspire you to travel and plan out your next travel journey.


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