7 Beautiful Island Beaches in the Philippines, 2024

7 Beautiful Island Beaches in the Philippines, 2024

Finding the perfect beach in The Philippines is very challenging. With over 7,000 different islands, the options to choose from are endless. In this article we will narrow down the list to 7 beautiful island beaches to visit in The Philippines. Let’s get started. 

1. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Kalanggaman Island is known for its crystal clear waters and powdery white sands, understandably making it a must visit hotspot in The Philippines. Getting to the island can be difficult, so not many locals or tourists make the journey across. Kalanggaman is an island with a sandbar that stretches a few kilometres, especially when the tide is low. The island offers visitors places to camp or rent huts, and if you are up for the experience, it is good to note that electricity is limited. The island does have an entrance fee of PHP 500 (Approx $10). Kalanggaman Island, Cebu 2022

2. Onok Island, Balabac

Onok Island sits in the region of Balabac, Palawan. It is considered as a secluded island which hardly sees many visitors. Onok Island is famous for its turquoise flat waters, soft white sand and overall serenity. The journey to get there is somewhat tiresome. It’s around a 6-hour drive from Puerto Princesa City to Rio Tuba and then a further 4-hour boat ride. If you are looking for a less touristic untouched beach destination, then it is definitely worth the trek. Onok Island, Balabac 2022

3. White Island, Camiguin 

White Island is a sandbar which changes shape with the tide. It has incredible views of Mt Hibok-Hibok and Mt Vulcan which is what sets this beach apart from others across The Philippines. It is only a short 10-minute boat ride from Camiguin mainland, making it very accessible. We had visited White Island during midday, and we were the only tourists there. If you do make the trip, be sure to bring your own food and drinks, as there is no shop or kiosk on White Island. You can rent out a beach umbrella, if the sun gets too strong, and it sure does! If you are looking to visit Camiguin Island, check out our ultimate Camiguin Island travel guide to help you plan your journey.  White Island, Camiguin 2022

4. BBH Beach, Coron Island 

BBH Beach is situated in the northwestern part of Coron Island on the other side of Barracuda Lake. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for swimming in. We had visited BBH beach as a part of an island hoping tour, however you are able to hire a private boat to take you there, if you plan to spend half a day or more at BBH beach. If you are a fan of snorkelling or free diving, BBH beach is home to a beautiful coral reef that sits a few metres away from the shore. There are seating areas if you wish to bring your own food and drinks. A good tip would be to visit the remote location just after sunrise, as around midday the tide starts to close in. 

BBH Beach, Coron Island 2022

5. Paliton Beach, Siquijor Island 

Paliton Beach is rated as one of the best beaches on Siquijor Island. Whatever you do, make sure to visit Paliton Beach before sunset, as the colours of the sky are truly mesmerising on a good day! Paliton beach is most defiantly a secluded spot which makes you feel like you have rented out your very own private beach. There is a welcoming local whom resides on the beach, where you can buy fresh coconuts and drinks from. If you have never heard of Siquijor, you are missing out! In our latest trip we cover the 6 Best Things To Do In Siquijor Island.

Paliton Beach, Siquijor Island

6. Virgin Island, Bantayan 

Virgin Island is filled with an abundance of green vegetation and coconut trees which makes it one of the most scenic beaches in The Philippines. With the option of cliff jumping, snorkelling and sun bathing, you can also take part in beach activities, such as volleyball! You can most definitely spend an entire day on the island with a handful of things to do and experience.  

Virgin Island, Bantayan 2022

7. White Beach, Boracay

White beach is know for its powdery white sand, clear waters and scenic sunsets. There are plenty of beach activities to keep you entertained, such as swimming, sunbathing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing and more. The beach is now very well looked after, as back in April 2018, the Philippine Government closed off Boracay for 6-months for a major island clean up. Boracay is a tourist hotspot, so it is not as secluded as many of the other beaches in The Philippines, but it offers so much, making it a must visit hotspot. Everything you need to know about Boracay from 2023, can be found here.

White Beach, Boracay 2022
So the question remains, which is the most beautiful island beach in The Philippines? All the beaches mentioned above really surpassed our expectations, however if we had to choose one, it would be the beach on Kalanggaman Island. With its turquoise waters and powdery white sand, it is the perfect place to relax solo, as a couple or with family and friends. A day trip would be enough, however if you are the type who enjoys the outdoors and are fine with not being smothered with comfort, staying overnight is an experience which you will cherish for a lifetime. 


Are there any other beautiful beaches in The Philippines that we missed out? Let us know in the comments below. We hope you found this article useful, hoping to inspire you to travel and plan out your next travel journey to The Philippines. Please do share it across your social channels, with friends and family. 

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