6 Best Things to Do on Camiguin Island, Philippines 2023

6 Best Things to Do on Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022

Are you looking for exciting and different things to do in the Philippines? Perhaps you have just read into Siquijor or maybe you are planning to visit different parts of the Philippines, and are looking for the best experiences to encounter. Camiguin Island is truly an undiscovered gem in the Philippines. There is plenty to do on this mystical island! This article will go through the best things to do on Camiguin Island, the best tourist spots in Camiguin, and why you should make Camiguin island a must visit location. Let's get straight into it.

1. Relax on White Island

This island is one of the most – if not the most – sought-after destinations in Camiguin. It has nothing other than coral sands that shift around the tides. There is not even a single tree or plant, but that’s what makes it so picturesque! The tide stays low enough so the sand bank doesn't disappear overnight. From white island ferry terminal located on the main Camiguin Island, it only takes a short 15 minute boat ride to White Island. For 4 people it cost us PHP 650 (Approx $12.50) for a trip back and forth. You can stay on the island for 3 hours. Just remember, there is no vendor on White island selling any food or drinks, so make sure to bring your own. You can rent out a beach umbrella, if the sun gets too strong, and it sure does!  

White Island, Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022

 2. Take a dip at Katibawasan waterfalls

Following White Island, head over to Katibawasan waterfalls to land your eyes on some beautiful green scenery. You can take a dip in the waterfalls – which is the tallest falls on the island, measuring up to around 250 feet! It’s an impressive sight and is bound to make you feel like you’re in a movie. It only takes 5 minutes to reach the waterfall from the entrance, so no need to worry about a long hike. The entrance fee only costs PHP 75 (Approx $1.50) per person. If you do own and fly a drone, be aware that as the area is quite covered up, it is tough to get satellite signal to fly it above 30m.

 3. Snorkel or free dive at the sunken cemetery

The sunken cemetery is a place with significant history. Back in the 1870s, a volcanic eruption led to the city being sunk below sea level, alongside its cemetery. There is now a cross that represents the history and commemorates the losses on that day, and it is a place that you can respectfully visit by snorkeling and freediving there. You can not see much of the tombstones, as they have been covered by coral. Just to note, from above, the sea looks dark and deep, but don't be fooled. Once you are underneath the surface, everything sits 1-5metres beneath you. We saw some of the most untouched and preserved corals we have ever come across, and you could say we are frequent divers. 

Sunken Cemetery, Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022

 4. Hike Mount Hibok Hibok

Of course, we have to tell you about another hike to do because it’s one of the greatest things to do, to see a country from a different perspective! Hibok Hibok is the most famous volcano on the island. In fact, Camiguin has seven volcanoes. Mount Hibok Hibok should be climbed with a guide, and the cost is approximately PHP 1200 (Approx $24). The entry fee is PHP 200 (Approx $4) per person. Try to start the hike early – at around 5:30 AM – to avoid the very hot weather. Check out the reviews on Tripadvisor for more information on exactly what the experience is like.

6 Best Things to Do on Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022

 5. Refresh yourself at Nino cold springs

The cold springs can be found past the town of Catarman, or around 23 kilometers away from Mambajao – the capital of Camiguin. Expect, of course, cold springs, as well as beautiful scenery that has clear and clean water as well as plenty of green vegetation. The springs are cold, so be prepared for a cool and refreshing dip. 

6 Best Things to Do on Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022

 6. Visit Mantigue Island

Finally, one of the things to do in Camiguin Island is visit Mantigue Island. Only a 15-minute boat ride away from Camiguin, it is surrounded by clear, blue waters. Visitors have suggested that this is a must after visiting White Island. Simply walk around it, snorkel, or just enjoy the water for a nice and relaxing day after a long hike at Mount Hibok Hibok.

6 Best Things to Do on Camiguin Island, Philippines 2022


Have we missed any of the best Camiguin Island tourist spots? Do you have any other ideas of things to do on Camiguin Island? In the comments below, let us know, in your opinion, why you should visit Camiguin Island or why you are now intrigued by it!
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