2 Days in Madrid, Spain | The Perfect Madrid Itinerary

2 Days in Madrid, Spain | The Perfect Madrid Itinerary

Madrid Itinerary- Two nights stay

You might be asking, is 2 days enough in Madrid? What are the must things to do in Madrid? Or How many days should I spend in Madrid to explore what it has to offer? In this article, we cover our journey as we take you through the unbeaten path of the beautiful city, discovering hidden gems and amazing places to tour and eat. If you are the type of traveller that wants to discover something different than the ordinary and still catch up on some of the main hot spots, then this article is for you!


We started our 2 days in Madrid on the outskirts of the city, in a town called Fuenlabrada, which is about 25 minutes away from the centre of Madrid and a 25 minutes journey from Madrid (MAD) airport. We chose to stay in  this location as it offers a great  variety of local eats away from the touristic areas, and steered away from traffic when leaving down south to Toledo.

Fuenlabrada, Getafe and Carabanchel are all towns close enough to get to the centre of Madrid. Here are a few places recommended for you to stay during your 2 days in Madrid 

Apartment: Vista Alegre

Upscale Stay: Exe Getafe

Economic Stay: Ibis Madrid

2 Days in Madrid, Spain | Four Seasons Hotel If your Madrid Itinerary is focused on staying closer to the centre, you may want to consider one of these places to relax:

Apartment: Downtown Penthouse

Upscale Stay: The Four Seasons

Economic Stay: Oriente

Social Stay: The Social Hub


There are plenty of Things to do in Madrid, and to make the most of it,  we recommend starting the day off  early to explore the centre of the city . If you are driving, there is parking next to the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid Centro and everything is walking distance from there.


The first place we stumbled upon, was a wonderful hidden gem called Mantequería Bermejo. Here you can pick up a variety of local bakery goods, dried fruits, pastries, alcohol and spices! We bought some “aragostine” a crunchy pastry with a delicious pistachio filling, “tejas” a cookie which was made with almonds, “lacito” a puff pastry - all very tasty!

The place dates back to the 19th and 20th century when the six mantequerías were created by the Bermejo brothers - now there are only two remaining. This gem is a two minute walk from the Plaza Major, on a street called Calle De Zaragoza. Be sure to add this on your things to do in Madrid to get a real local feel of starting the day off in the city.

 MERCADO 2 Days In Madrid, Spain


We continued walking over to Mercado De San Miguelthis place was full of life! The indoor market offers a variety of local cuisine. You can grab fine Iberian ham, fresh shellfish, and cheeses in a cosy environment, making it a great tapas spot, or meeting place to gather with some friends. We enjoyed starting with a coffee at Café Negro, they offer nitro coffees and alternative milks too! If you are a fan of cheese, try out the Moz Bar for your mozzarella mix. Last thing we tried the classic ibérico from a family run business called Mas Gourmets - delicious. If you plan to visit during the Christmas period, the admirable decorations will be up!


A five minute walk from the market, you will find the Catedral de la Almudena which is known to be the most religious building in Madrid, as it was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993. The entrance into the Cathedral is free, the opening times are usually 10am-8pm daily and respectable attire should be worn. The Museum and Crypt has a fee on entry. The interior architecture of the Cathedral is worth a visit, during your 2 days in Madrid 



Besides the Cathedral to the left, the Palacio Real de Madrid is found. We did not enter, but if you wish to go in, they are usually open from 10am to 6pm (check times and entry prices prior to your visit). Around the corner to the right of the Cathedral, you will find La Muralla Islámica de Madrid. There are visible remains of the Islamic wall which were built under the reign of Emir Muhammad I during the 9th century. 

 Jardines del Campo del Moro 2 Days In Madrid, SpainENJOY SOME QUIET TIME

We followed the swirling roads down, which led us to walk along the riverside by the Segovia bridge and into the Jardines del Campo del Moro, also known as the Arab Farm Garden. This was a wonderful escape during our 2 days in Madrid for some quiet time to enjoy the picturesque palace from a distance. During the Autumn season in Madrid, the leaves fall to the ground, making it a  beautiful place to capture an Instagram-worthy shot. Keep in mind, the entry to the garden  is also the exit - we tried to exit near the palace end and we were sent back by the guards!


We stopped by at Café de la Rivière for refreshing fresh juices and pastries. They were reasonably priced and friendly too. If you take a left from this cafe, you will be able to walk up to the Templo de Debod. Dating back to the 2nd century, this temple was gifted to Madrid by the Egyptian government as a token of gratitude for helping the restoration process of the Abu Simbel temples. We recommend adding this spot to your Madrid Itinerary, especially during the sunset, as it settles beautifully behind the temple. If you would like to take a peek inside the temple, there are usually long waiting lines, so do factor that in. If you are lucky, you may see a local busker playing their instruments or singing a song through the sunset, whilst you take in the views of Madrid around you.

AN ARTISTS PLAYGROUND , 2 days in Madrid Spain


Spain is known for its art. Keep an eye out for sculptures of ‘Las Meninas’ to be scattered around Madrid by the famous artist Diego Velásquez. Each sculpture has a QR code for you to scan and read up about the concept behind each art piece. We are unsure how long they are expected to be around. During the Christmas season we were also able to see many light exhibitions in the town.

2 Days In Madrid, Spain, Best places to eatBEST AUTHENTIC PLACE TO EAT IN MADRID

In Fuenlabrada, nearby to our stay, we found a wonderful family run restaurant called La Alfaroteca. Typically, like many if not all Spanish restaurants, La Alfaroteca opens between 9am-5pm, then closes and reopens at 7pm till late. We would highly recommend booking in advance as this place is small, and gets packed easily with many locals! We learned this as we tried to go back, but couldn't get a seat! We ordered a variety of dishes to share, and everything was spectacular. Our recommendations will be the octopus (10/10) for sure, croquetas jamón ibérico (8/10), ensalada rulo de cabra con frutos secos bacon y miel y mostaza (we ordered this twice 10/10), tira de entraña con salsa chimichurri (8/10). If you only have 2 days in Madrid, try to fit this into your Madrid Itinerary, it will not disappoint. 


2 Days in Madrid, Spain | The Perfect Madrid ItineraryVISIT A 400 YEAR OLD FLEA MARKET 

Madrid is full of History and you might argue that 2 Days in Madrid might not be enough, but if you spend your time wisely, you can really make the most out of it. If you are in town on a Sunday, start your day off early by visiting El Rastro Flea Market in the area of La Latina. The market gets going around 9am, and is one of the oldest Flea markets in Madrid, dating back to about 400 years. If you are looking for some unique gifts and a place to indulge in the hustle and bustle amongst the locals, make sure to add this gem into your Madrid itinerary. 

2 Days in Madrid, Spain | The Perfect Madrid ItineraryGET HIPPY IN MADRID

Malasaña is one of Madrid's student friendly hipster attractions. It is a vibrant neighbourhood, with a bunch of retro bars/cafes, funky book shops and places to chill with friends. This area is cost friendly as it is tailored for the local students - keep an eye out for potential good deals when out shopping for gifts or souvenirs to take back home with you!

Hammam Al Ándalus Madrid - 2 days in madridTreat Yourself 

Before the sun starts to set and it’s time for dinner, if you have time and fancy treating yourself to a relaxing spa day before you depart, you may wish to book an experience at Hammam Al Ándalus Madrid. It’s the perfect way to relax your soul, and enjoy the moment. The customer service is amazing and they have a variety of Spa packages on offer to unwind and cater to your specific needs. 


On the second day of our Madrid Itinerary, we decided to end on a different experience. Now, we really did save the best till last with our restaurant pick at the oldest restaurant in the world. Yes, we said that right, in the world!!! Restaurant Botín was founded in 1725, officially holding a title in the Guiness World Record. First things first, you will need to book in advance as they are always booked and typically do not accept walk-ins. There is parking close by, you may have to circle a few times to find something if you plan to park on the street. The detailed interior and welcoming service draws you into the history of this restaurant, reminding us that the same walls have been serving dishes over three centuries! To start we ordered the ibérico and salad Botín for the table (both 9/10). We each ordered a main, two roast suckling pig (10/10), grilled fillet mignon (this came with mushrooms on top 8/10), and roast chicken with vegetables (9/10). The house red wine and sangria were also great choices. For the sweet toothers, we got a few desserts to try because why not! We ordered for the table one crema catalana (10/10), and the cheesecake (10/10).


Fuenlabrada called El Pajar del Segoviano - 2 Days in MadridA LOCALS FAVOURITE IN MADRID

If you are not looking for a fancy eatery, then you must check out a local gem in Fuenlabrada called El Pajar del Segoviano S.L. This is more of a pub vibe that serves delicious tapas of Jamon ibérico (10/10), patatas bravas (8/10), paella (7/10) and calamari (7/10). For Beer lovers, we can recommend the Mahoe beer which was founded in Madrid, and the house sangrias.


Bad Company 1920 - Speakeasy - 2 Days in MadridVisit Madrid’s Top Secret Bar - Speakeasy

If you are looking for unordinary things to do in Madrid, then this is for you. Before ending your 2 days in Madrid, take a peek into a Speakeasy bar for an enjoyable experience! Speakeasies are basically hidden bars scattered around cities. From the outside they look like entrances to a house or shop, and once you enter you’re welcomed into a new dimension. Bad Company 1920 is a Speakeasy that has a unique experience of its own. You are required to reach out in advance, and are provided a password of the day to enter the Speakeasy - this can also be found on their instagram highlights @Badcompany_1920. Your experience starts by being secretly let in down a pitch dark stairwell. You come to a door where you dial a safe combination to enter. You are totally immersed in the 1920s prohibition era, complete with paranoia that the Policía will raid the place. Alongside the traditional drinks, be prepared to receive unique cocktail creations served in cameras, baseballs or even a themed Peaky Blinders hat!

2 Days in Madrid SpainNovember is a great time of year to visit Madrid, Spain. This was a low season for tourism, so the city was not as crowded and we did not experience heavy traffic when travelling by car. The weather in Madrid during November was slightly chilly, but crisp. The average temperature highs were 14°C/57°F and lows of 6°C/42°F. Thankfully we only experienced one night of rain which was at the end of our trip.

We would recommend packing:

  • comfortable shoes, as there is quite some walking to do during your fun packed Madrid Itinerary
  • a warm jacket, ideally with a hood (if travelling the autumn/winter season)
  • an umbrella
  • crossbody bag, waist bag, or a backpack (beware there can be pickpockets!)
2 Days in Madrid, Spain | The Perfect Madrid Itinerary


2 Days in Madrid is definitely worth it. Yes you might have to wake up early both days to make the most out of the trip, but if you are experiencing the city only once in your lifetime, why not make the sacrifice. We have highlighted some unique experiences and main tourist hotspots so you don't miss out on what the city has to offer. There are many things to do in Madrid, and we hope this article gives you some inspiration to create the perfect 2 days in Madrid itinerary. Safe Travels. Forever Explore. 

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