Everything you need to know about Travelling to Zanzibar.

Everything you need to know about Travelling to Zanzibar in 2022.

 In this guide we’ll dig deep on why Zanzibar Island is a must place to visit in 2022.


Vaccinated or Not Vaccinated, it does not matter!

With Covid-19 still not fading away, there are many restrictions globally to enter certain countries. Zanzibar, Tanzania has resumed all international flights, allowing visitors from all over the world, vaccinated or not, to travel into the country. 

What are the PCR test requirements?

Pre-departure, you will require take a PCR test within 72 hours of travelling into Zanzibar Island. Quarantine is no longer required. On arrival you will have have to take a rapid antigen test, which costs $25. Once it shows negative, you are free as a bird 🦅 . In the case you test positive on arrival, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days. 

Many countries fly direct into Zanzibar airport (ZNZ), making it very accessible. 

The best way to explore the whole island is by car. You can rent out a 4x4 for about $25 a day. We still have the rental car details, feel free to send us a message on instagram and we can share them with you.


Everything you need to know about Travelling to Zanzibar in 2022.

Beautiful Zanzibar - What To Do?

If you’ve never considered travelling to Zanzibar, you need to change your mind. The island is beautiful, the people are welcoming, the waters are crystal clear and the food comes fresh out of the sea.

The clearest of waters are located in the North side of the island ‑ Nungwi. Here you can enjoy the rays of the sun on a white sandy beach and eat good food for a decent price. A 2 course meal costs around $12 (Octopus salad, grilled fish with a fresh glass of pineapple juice on the side). 
As island vibes go, you can expect a sense of relaxation. If you’re dying for a getaway and to clear your mind from the consistent covid talk, this is the place to be. Relax, unwind and treat yourself to a wide range of activities. 

🤿 Dive

Take a day trip out around the Mnemba Atol, located off the north‑east coast of Zanzibar. There are a few tour companies that can organise day trips or you can have a local fisherman boat take you there. The colour of the waters change from deep blue to turquoise across the reef. It’s a great spot to snorkel or scuba dive.

Everything you need to know about Travelling to Zanzibar in 2022.

🌊 Jump on a Jetski

A bit pricey, but you can rent out a jetski for an hour for about $100. There are 1 or 2 places next to a hotel called Kendwa Rocks on the north side of the island that rent them out.

You’re free to take the jet ski wherever you want without a guide.

Everything you need to know about Travelling to Zanzibar in 2022.

🪁 🏄‍♂️ Kite surf

Paje is a famous kite surfing spot in Zanzibar. It’s renown for its long sandbank, shallow waters and warm winds. If you are new to kite surfing, there are plenty of companies by the beach that offer private lessons and rental gear to get you going. 

🏙 The city - Stone Town

A place to experience the historic part of the island. It gets busy in this part of town, here you will be able to pick up all the souvenirs you want to bring back home. Zanzibar island is famous for its spices and there are a few flea markets around where you can buy some.

You don’t need to spend too much time in Stone Town to be honest, but if you are interested in historical sites, there are a few landmarks to visit such as, The Old Fort, Forodhani Gardens and more. 

🧳 Travel!

If you really want to travel, don’t let covid stop you. Follow the rules, be safe and enjoy the moment. We don’t know how long this will last for, if it lasted for 20 years, does that mean you won’t travel for 20 years?

Enjoy life and stay safe.

🧭 Forever explore.

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